Friday, November 26, 2010

Greeting Cards for Low Vision or Visually Impaired

Braille and Large Print Greeting Cards

The day after Thanksgiving marks open season for sending holiday greeting cards. But, what about that friend or family member of yours who may be blind, have low vision, or be dealing with deteriorating eyesight.

Consider making a card or purchasing a Large Print or Braille card.

Make your own Large Print Card
I suggest making your own large print card.

This is also a great activity for kids! You can do this using one of the many free clipart websites online or the good old-fashioned way of putting pen (or crayons & markers) to paper. Even if the card is hand-made and decorated, consider using printed text in a large easy to read block print - use a font like ARIAL or COURIER in BOLD and choose a large font size of 20 or higher.

TIP: Print in black or dark ink on white or light colored paper.

Where can I buy Braille and Large Print Greeting Cards

The good news is that you can probably find a small selection of Large Print and braille cards in your local card shop or pharmacy. The popular Hallmark brand markets everyday greeting cards in both large print and braille.

If you are looking for Braille greeting cards, you will find a large selection online. Sources for Braille Cards include Braille Enterprises, the American Printing House for the blind, and the National Braille Press. For a truly unique Braille greeting - they even sell Braille Chocolate Bars at Choco Braille.

I searched high and low to find Large Print cards and found that the nicest selection was actually at a website called Greeting Card Universe. This is a unique website where you can either order paper cards, or select a card and enter your text and the recipient's address and the website will send the card to them via the US post office. Inputting "Large Print" into their search filter yielded 24 cards including birthday, holiday, and mother's day.

This article was originally published at Bella Online: Vision Issues., by me!

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