Monday, December 6, 2010

Eye Patch Review: Eye-Lids cloth patches

I first learned about Eye-Lids (kids eye patches) on Facebook at the recommendation of an Amblyopia Kids facebook fan.   When I received a few patches to try out - of course she fell in love with the Hello Kitty pattern right away. The patch style we have (shown in the photo) is meant to be worn with glasses that have a nosepiece. They do offer glasses for frames without nosepieces as well as "pirate style" patches.  

To give you an idea of size,  Belle is wearing the Eye-Lids medium and my her glasses have an eyesize of 45 (lens width) [style: Rayban 1018T].  The medium is suggested for ages 4-7 and it fits well.  Eye-Lids are available in a smaller size (suggested for ages under 3) as well as large (for 7-10 years of age).  If there's any question with size, be sure to contact the creator of Eye-Lids, Lisa Smith, she designed eye-lids and started selling them as a result of first hand experience - her daughter having to wear an eye patch.  I have found with this style of "under the glasses" patch the sizing is definitely a sweet spot.  Too small and they can peak around it - too big and it becomes cumbersome and covers up half of your child's face!!  The shape of Eye-Lids was made so it provides good coverage and therefore full occlusion while still being comfortable for a child to wear.  Eye-Lids are also made with batting in between two layers of fabric so even light colored fabrics cannot be see-through.  When ordering specify right or left eye - ours have a pattern fabric on the outside and solid flannel on the inside - it actually can be reversed. However in order for the pattern to be facing in the proper direction you will need to specify if you patch right or left :) We wouldn't want Hello Kitty to be upside down now, would we? (Well maybe my silly daughter might!)

When browing the Eye-Lids website, you'll see that they offer a wide variety of patterns ranging from plain to funky - appropriate for boys or girls. My daughter gave a thumbs up to the Hello Kitty pattern! Being made of cloth, they are re-usable and also washable. A benefit to cloth patches over adhesive is that you aren't tossing out patches in the trash every day.  My daughter likes the Eye-Lids patch, which means it passes her seal of approval and I'm confident she can't see through it which means I approve too! 

Price - $9.99 Canadian dollars/  Shipping $1.50

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