Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Low Vision Friendly Electronics- Great Gift Ideas!

Low Vision Friendly Electronics - Great Gifts!

Now, the hottest Electronic devices have become more low vision friendly with larger sizes and displays.

For example, the popular handheld gaming device - the Nintendo DSi released a larger model in spring 2010 called the DSi XL that has a screen 93% larger than the popular DS Lite model. The screen LCD screen is 4.3 inches (diagonally) when compared to the 3 inch screen of the DS Lite and DSi. The DSi XL can go on the internet, take photos, as well as play Nintendo DS game cartridges. Games are available in all genres with titles for children through adult. The DSi XL is priced under $200 making this an affordable handheld device.

Amazon was the first to come out with a low vision friendly book reader when they came out with the Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device with its 9.7" screen compared to the 6" of the popular Kindle reader. The Kindle also has the advantage of text enlargement (increasing the output of the Font size for text) as well as text to speech, so it can read books, magazines, blogs out loud.  Those with low vision could benefit from adding clip-on light to their reader which are very affordable accessories around twenty dollars.

Apple's  iPad is the most exciting of all. The iPad measures in at 9.7" when compared to the iPod touch with its 3.5 inch display. The iPad is a do-it-all device (almost) that can browse the web, supports email, view photos, play games, play music and movies, and supports over a thousand apps available for download to the device. Accessibility options include spoken menus as well as a high contrast touch screen. The iPad starts at $499 for a base model and upwards to $829 for the top of the line device. When compared to the smaller iPad Touch (or iPhone) it offers powerful capability with a more user friendly output and display - especially for those with vision issues.

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