Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ordering Prescription Sunglasses Online

Ordering Prescription Sunglasses Online

If you wear prescription glasses, you know the pain of not being able to walk into a pharmacy or mall boutique and pick out a pair of stylish or affordable sunglasses without a lot of hassle. In the past, I've picked up sunglasses but then had to switch to wearing contact lenses for the summer instead of my usual every day glasses. Prescription sunglasses can be very expensive, especially if you want them in the latest trendy looks and styles. Another option, transition style lenses can be very costly but are convenient as they change tint from clear to tinted based on the lighting conditions you are in. With two children also wearing glasses in the family, I knew there had to be a more affordable and convenient way to protect our eyes for the summer. So, a few years ago I started to order our presciption sunglasses online and I have not gone back to paying the high prices of mall optical shops.

One of the places I have ordered frequently from is Zenni Optical. Any eyeglass that they sell can also be made into a prescription sunglass simply by selecting tinted lenses when customizing your glasses order. At Zenni, tinted lenses are just $4.95 more and you can choose from a variety of tint colors as well as the density of the tint. Color options include: Grey, Green, Amber, Blue, Pink, Purple, or Yellow. Tints can be from 10% (cosmetic) to 50% (suggested) or 80% (very dark). They also sell photochromic and Transitions lenses that start at $30 a pair. This is a huge savings.

It is very important when ordering your glasses online that you have a current and complete prescription and enter it accurately. In addition you will also need to know the PD (Pupil Distance) measurement which is often not written on your glasses prescription but gathered when you select frames.

When selecting frames online be sure to select frames that will fit your face - go off of your existing frames by checking measurements frequently stamped on the inside of the temple - the measurements (in mm) include Bridge, Temple Length, Lens Width, Lens Height, or Frame Width (twice the lens width plus the bridge).

The downside to ordering online is that there is a longer wait time to receive your glasses which can be a few weeks as opposed to a few hours. Also, not being able to try them on for style and fit before hand. However, the cost savings and wide selection of styles can make up for that. At Zenni, you can order as many glasses as you wish for just one low shipping charge of $4.95. I am able to purchase prescription sunglasses for myself and my 2 children and have them shipped to me for less than what a single pair of prescription sunglasses would typically cost at a local optical shop.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Patching Works: Melody's Update

Thanks to Sadia for sharing her daughter's journey with us. Click here read more about Melody's Amblyopia Story.

The other day, my twin daughters' daycare teacher pulled out a photo album containing photos from their infant classroom. In one of them, then-7-month-old Melody was wearing an Ortopad patch.

One of the girls' three-year-old classmates asked about it. "Why is she wearing that?" My other daughter, Jessica, gave the most pertinent answer. "She's not a pirate."

I responded with a far less exciting answer. "Well, Melody used to have a problem with her eye called amblyopia. Her brain didn't pay attention to what one of her eyes was seeing, so we covered up the seeing eye so that her brain would remember to pay attention to both of them. That worked, and now she doesn't need a patch any more."

She doesn't need a patch any more. I wasn't certain that I'd ever hear myself saying those words.

We were lucky that Melody's amblyopia was caught as early as it was. We were lucky that patching resolved the issue in a few short months. In a way, we were even lucky that my husband and his sister had a sister of childhood eye problems and that the twins were premature, since that made me hyper-vigilant about eye concerns.

Both my daughters recently went into the ophthalmologist for a check-up. They came away with the same diagnosis: no problems. Their vision is normal for their age, both 20/25 in one eye and 20/30 in the other. My amblyopia baby now has the same vision as her non-amblyopia twin. We didn't even bother making an appointment. Since Jessica and Melody will soon be turning four, any future problems will be caught at school vision screenings.

We stopped patching over three years ago. All I can say is that patching works!