Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amblyopia Progress Report

Last weekend Belle went in for her 6 week re-check. She had made progress at her November appointment  and I remained hopeful that she would continue on that path.   But, Belle was nervous.

As I tucked her into bed for the days before her appointment she would tell me, "Mom - how come I can't be like the rest of the family and ONLY wear glasses?".   I choked back tears. I get it. Patching is wearing on her. It is getting old.  I feel it too.   

Yet, through it all she wears it each and every day  and 'gets her hours in'.  She rarely complains and she just does it.  Most days she goes and gets her patch by herself after school without reminder or nagging.  Gone are the days of having to bribe her to wear the patch - instead she just "goes through the motions" each and every day.

And her hard work continues to show! At her visit she once again made progress.  We get to reduce our patching slightly - now down to 4 hours a day. Belle was over the moon about this (and me as well). It is still quite a bit of time each day, but now she can get home from school (AM Kindergarten), patch and be done by the time her brother is off of the schoolbus at 4pm.

One more hour of Freedom. 

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  1. That is great news! I'm glad she made some progress and the patching hours decreased. I hope that this is a trend and at her next visit, she will get to decrease the hours yet again.