Sunday, January 23, 2011

Danger lies Ahead - Nintendo 3DS can harm kids eyes

I've sung the praises about the Nintendo DS and how playing it can be a big help for kids like mine, who have amblyopia (lazy eye) and vision issues.   One of my daughter's approved patching activities is playing on her DS and she loves to play it and it really works her eyes as well as hand/eye coordination.   

However, danger lies ahead. 

 Sigh.. It seems everything is heading the way of 3D. First it was something we love to do as a family - going to the movies. Now, we are hard pressed to find a kids movie that is not being shown in 3D.  For a child with amblyopia who cannot process 3D images 'correctly' the extra fee for 3D movies plus the hassle of the 3D glasses is a huge letdown and exercise in frustration, not to mention a waste of money.    Then it was bigscreen TVs offering 3D viewing at home.  How much is too much?  The warnings alone on these 3D TV's are quite scary yet many will pay the high price to bring 3D viewing experience home.  We won't be.

And now - kids gaming goes 3D with the new Nintendo 3Ds which will be released in March 2011.  Optometrists are warning that its use could harm children's vision and actually result in crossing of the eyes, squint and lazy eye. In particular, children with developing vision (under age 6) are included in a product warning to not use the device for 3D games - this is listed in a direct warning from Nintendo themselves in response to concerns that were raised about the product.   They also suggest all users of the 3D platform take at least a 5 minute break for every hour of 3D gameplay.   But are these warnings enough? 

Read on to learn how the 3DS works and is cause for concern...

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  1. No, it doesn't say "under age 6." It says "under age 7."