Saturday, February 12, 2011

Amblyopia and Frequent Headaches

My daughter has been complaining a lot about 'having a headache'. At first I thought it was because she had been getting over being sick (ear infection, bronchitis, tummy bug, cold, general winter sickies - we've had it bad this year....

So, I mentally started to track when she tells me her head hurts .. It is always when she isn't wearing her patch. And her complaints have increased in frequency since our recent trimphant ophthalmologist visit when my daughter's patching 'hours' were reduced to 4-5 per day. I definitely plan on talking to our eye doctor and pediatrician about this to get to the bottom of it.

But, it seems we are not alone. A question posted on the Amblyopia Kids facebook page
revealed that her headaches are not alone. Others shared that their kids have frequent migraines, headaches during car rides, during times when their child has been reading alot. There seems to be a trend that the headaches happen off the clock from patching. A google search turns up even more hits of the relationship between amblyopia and headaches.

Can a Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) cause headaches?

All signs point to Yes.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm so sorry your daughter is suffering from headaches! I am a 32 year old with amblyopia and just learned about vision therapy and am trying to correct my lazy eye.

    I will never forget my first migraine - I was 8. I have had them all my life and recently during a "hard" week of therapy I had 4 in 7 days. I believe they are connected!

    I would consult a vision therapist's office and see what they say. If the bad eye is working harder it can cause the headache even though she isn't wearing the patch that day. Also, vision therapy wouldn't require her to wear a patch for hours at a time... I was teased horribly for years due to wearing the patch in class.

    Good Luck!

    FYI - I am blogging my experience at: