Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eye Patch Review: Kay Fun Patch (cloth patches)

I first learned about Kay Fun Patches by an Amblyopia Kids reader who wrote in and told of the patches they were using and suggested that I add a link to their website.  I had hesitated on ordering them because they were in the UK and I just assumed that shipping would be too high.  It wasn't until the owner of Kay Fun Patch, Hazel Kay, contacted me to tell me about her patching book Hoppity Frog has Two Clever Eyes that I was on the website and saw that the site offered great prices and low shipping too.  Shipping for up to 5 patches is just £1.50 which was under $3 US!  The patches are £7.50  each which is around $12 US.

The Kay Fun Patch site offers more than a dozen different patches (patterns) in girly, boyish and unisex designs. I let my daughter pick out 2 patches to order with our patching book. She selected a pattern with ballet slippers and also one with sparkly fruit (strawberries and cherries) on it. When ordering you select which eye you are patching - right or left, so that the pattern on the patch is going in the correct direction in the case of patterns that have any directionality.  My daughter likes both the patches she selected - and can be seen wearing the sparkling fruit pattern in the photo above.

The Kay Fun Patches are made to be worn with glasses but unlike many of the patches that only work with glasses that have a nosepiece these can be worn with plastic frames that don't have a nosepiece as well as frames with the nosepiece. There is an elastic strap that can be slipped over the glasses frame that you use in lieu of the nosepiece. My daughter has glasses with the nosepiece as well as without.  To be honest, I found that the the elastic strap was quite useful even on her glasses that have the nosepiece because it allowed the patch to have an additional level of security to ensure it stayed attached and didn't slide around.  Without the strap the patch was a little wobbly on her glasses because she is a VERY active 5 year old.  The strap also makes the patch a little tricky for kids to remove, but still easy enough for parents and caregivers to attach and remove from glasses.

You can find step by step instructions with photos and also video on how to attach a Kay Fun Patch on their website. To see how easy it is to attach them - see video below or on Youtube

Features of the Kay Fun Patch
  • Made from Soft, cushioned, breathable fabric
  • Stylish and follows the facial contours
  • Lots of fabric patterns to please any child
  • Attaches easily to any glasses
  • Beautifully made and quality assured
  • Washable, reusable and cost effective
  • Designed by a qualified orthoptist

For more info and to purchase visit: 
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  1. Wow, those patches look great. I am going to order some for Payton. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

  2. Payton has been wearing her new patches for over a week now. I love them. They really do cover her eye. It is hard to get a cloth patch that works well on her MiraFlex glasses since they do not have a nose piece. I just ordered a few more. Thanks for the information.