Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hoppity Frog has Two Clever Eyes - Coloring Activity Book for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

I recently was made aware of a cute new coloring/activity book for children with amblyopia (lazy eye) called Hoppity Frog Has Two Clever Eyes by Hazel Kay.  It is a 20 page (A5) size storybook that was made and is distributed by Kay Fun Patch.

The story of Hoppity Frog is one that kids and parents with Amblyopia/Lazy Eye will be able to relate to. It tells of a frog who is having a hard time with his eye and it turns out he has a lazy eye.  Hoppity has to patch in order to make his eye stronger, and stronger it gets.  On the inside cover there is a explanation/guide on how to use the book with suggestions that you should trace or copy the pages so that they can be re-used and also a comparison can be made with before/after your child's vision has improved.   I like this idea, however my daughter wanted to color right into the book so who was I to say no. We are always looking for new things to do while she is patching and she thought it was absolutely hilarious that the cute little frog had lazy eye and needed glasses. 

The illustrations (by Joseph Kay) are simple yet very fun and adorable. In particular, I appreciated that they all have a nice bold black outline which make them very patching friendly. Along the bottoms of each page are a row of tadpoles becoming frogs that get progressively smaller throughout the book - you can use these to challenge your children (find the frog with 4 legs, find the one with 2 legs, etc).  My daughter has been enjoying the Hoppity Frog coloring/story book (see photos below).  This book would appeal to both boys and girls who have amblyopia and also would be a good learning tool to teach peers about lazy eye in a preschool, kindergarten or early primary years. The book is also priced affordably and I could see this book being given out by eye doctors to kids with amblyopia. Hoppity is definitely a winner! 

Hoppity Frog has two clever Eyes is sold from the UK and is priced at £2.50  which depending on exchange rate to purchase from the US varies a bit - but at this time it is under $5 .  There is a standard charge of £1.50 per order on the Kay Fun Patch which is under $3 US.    Payment is through paypal and completed via the Kay Fun Patch website. 


  1. We just read this one too and I was very dissapointed. Because the frog patches... his eyes are "fixed" and no longer needs glasses. I really wish they would have ended it differently.

  2. How would you have liked it to end?

    I could see keeping the glasses but I like that his eyes got "fixed".

    I don't think my daughter will ever lose her glasses though I hope to lose the patch! We do know many kids that no longer need glasses or a patch.

  3. Hi. I wrote Hoppity Frog and thought about the ending for ages, but I think I got it wrong and I now know how to change the words so Hoppity can keep his glasses at the end next time we get it printed.

    Many children do manage without glasses later on when patching has finally finished if their prescription was only small. But I think it is important that the story shows that you can have brilliant eyesight while still wearing glasses.

    I wrote the story with amblyopic children in mind, to give them a sense that having patching is something that happens to other kids too and that it doesn't last forever.

    I hope that the coloring was fun and you liked the froggy life cycle game.


  4. Thank you so much for this kind of book. Our just-turned-four year old is devastated that he has to wear a patch. I will order your book soon!