Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The importance of a good warranty on kids glasses

It was one of THOSE days.  When I got the phone call from school, I expected to hear that my child was sick and could I come pick him up. Instead, it wasn't the nurse. It was his teacher. Oh boy!  I could only imagine why the teacher herself would call me.  She was calling to tell me that he had broken his glasses. She let me know that it was not purposeful and that he was very upset. Could I bring over spares? In the past, they have had spares at school but apparently he had worn them home at one point or another.  Since there was only 2 hours left in the day I told her to just baggy the broken glasses up and let him ride the day out - by the time I got home and then over to the school the day would be done.  He'd be OK for the short amount of time left in the schoolday.  When my son got off the bus, he thought he was in trouble because his glasses were broken.   I insured him that it was ok, it happens - and I went in his backpack to assess the damage.


When they said broken, they meant broken.

I found his glasses snapped completely in half at the bridge.

I dug out the paperwork because I remembered getting them over the summer - sure enough, the end of August.  So off we went to our eyeglass shop  with warranty/replacement plan in hand.  With  kids in glasses, a good replacement plan is an absolute MUST.  His lenses were in great shape but the frames were trashed.  Unfortunately, they didn't have his current frames in stock and they were on a backorder.  So, a simple swap of the lenses wasn't going to work.  Because that wasn't our fault, we went on and picked out new frames.

My son's lenses are relatively straightforward so they were able to get his new glasses made right away.   The new frames are X-Games "Blading" (in Oil Slick color). They are titanium, so they should hopefully stand up to my active (and autistic) 10 year old son!

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