Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Egg Hunts for the blind & visually impaired with Beeping Eggs

Easter Egg Hunts Using Beeping Eggs

Easter is around the corner and kids love to search for colorful plastic eggs filled with loot. If you have ever gone to one of these egg hunts, you know that they are incredibly fast paced and kids have to be very fast at collecting the allotted number of eggs. For kids with special needs the egg hunts can present challenges.

And, what about the kids who cannot see these brightly colored eggs, hidden or not?

More and more communities are hosting egg hunts for special needs children including those with vision impairments. Instead of looking for eggs with their eyes, they are able to look with their ears. Visually impaired children listen for beeping, chirping, peeping, tweeting - coming from inside special sound emitting eggs and search for the eggs which may be 'hidden' in otherwise plain sight.

Some such eggs include the Hide 'Em & Find 'Em Eggs and special beeping eggs by Maxi-Aids.

The cost per egg is much higher than the 'cheap' plastic fillable eggs. Between $5-17 per egg - in comparison, packages of 12-18 plastic fillable eggs sell typically sell for around $1. At Blind egg hunts, children find the beeping eggs and then trade them in for a filled egg to bring home with them. The beeping eggs have an on/off switch and they can be turned off and then used again in future egg hunts. Organizations need only to make a one time investment in the eggs and from time to time replenish their batteries.

article originally published by me at Bella Online Vision Issues

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