Monday, August 15, 2011

A new look - new glasses!

Since Belle's prescription had to be increased, she got 2 new pair of glasses. I like her choices, although they weren't my first choice out of all the frames (dozens...) that she tried on. But, they were her choice and since she is wearing them she has to be happy with them! I give her my input but largely leave the selection up to her.

From our local optical shop, she picked out a pair of sophisticated looking purple frames from Seventeen brand. Because a lot of people compliment my daughter on her glasses or contact me asking what her make/model of frames is, I'll list it here. They are Seventeen 5327 in Lavender.
This is a stylish metal frame that is feminine and not real chunky/heavy. The eye width is a 47 which is a step up from her old frames (they were 45s). The sizing is: 47/18/135

These are very stunning frames! She wears them well.

Her 2nd pair of new glasses we got with the Transition lenses which are very convenient because of not needing another pair of prescription sunglasses. Because of the cost of transitions, I prefer to order them online and then take them into our local shop for a fitting. I purchased these from Zenni Optical as I have used in the past. The key to ordering glasses online is to know your measurements and have both the prescription on hand as well as your pupil distance. These are Zenni style # 485117. The sizing is 46/18/132

This is a 'heavier' looking frame that is still quite lightweight (plastic). They have cute beachy designs on the sides and the all important spring hinges.

Very FUNky and trendy!


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  2. Belle's eyeglasses indeed look very sophisticated and attractive,