Monday, August 15, 2011

Ortopad Patching Essentials Kits & Reward Posters

Ortopad is now selling 'eye patch kits' that include a box of patches, a coloring & activity book, and a patching reward poster. There are 7 different kits to choose from including "girls" and a "boys" version as well as more gender neutral ones. Pictured is the girl's elite kit.

We haven't used this coloring/activity book but last summer I purchased the Princess poster shown here and used it to "collect" her patches after a day of use. My daughter has kept the poster on display - sort of like a badge of courage.

The patches on my daughter's poster (shown below) are both Ortopad & Ortopad Elite and Krafty Eye Patches.

Visit to order

Offer expires 09/30/11.

Prices range from $18.85 - $22.00 per kit, depending on patch ordered.

Shipping via UPS Ground for $7.50 per shipment.

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