Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Visions of Hope Free Webinar - Back to school Advice from Jillian's Story

Does “Back to School” Mean: Back to Homework Battles and struggles with reading?

You are invited to a very special web interview on Thursday, Aug 25th at 9 pm EDT. Jillian & Robin Benoit, authors of Jillian’s Story: How Vision Therapy Changed My Daughter’s Life, will be sharing their story, how Jillian struggled, the solution that worked for them and offering help to families all over the globe. 

Please RSVP, “seating” is limited, go to & enter the meeting ID number which is 917-050-066, your email address, etc. Just follow the instructions from there.


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  2. Hi, so thankful to have found your site. My 5 year old has 20/100 vision in his left eye and we will start patching when his glasses arrive on Friday. This website has been so helpful navigating all the different kinds of patches! Tomorrow I can sit with him and show him a few kinds and he can help me pick them out. He is excited right now, but that's before wearing glasses every day and having to patch! Thanks for all of this information!