Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Visions of Hope Free Webinar - Back to school Advice from Jillian's Story

Does “Back to School” Mean: Back to Homework Battles and struggles with reading?

You are invited to a very special web interview on Thursday, Aug 25th at 9 pm EDT. Jillian & Robin Benoit, authors of Jillian’s Story: How Vision Therapy Changed My Daughter’s Life, will be sharing their story, how Jillian struggled, the solution that worked for them and offering help to families all over the globe. 

Please RSVP, “seating” is limited, go to & enter the meeting ID number which is 917-050-066, your email address, etc. Just follow the instructions from there.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ortopad Patching Essentials Kits & Reward Posters

Ortopad is now selling 'eye patch kits' that include a box of patches, a coloring & activity book, and a patching reward poster. There are 7 different kits to choose from including "girls" and a "boys" version as well as more gender neutral ones. Pictured is the girl's elite kit.

We haven't used this coloring/activity book but last summer I purchased the Princess poster shown here and used it to "collect" her patches after a day of use. My daughter has kept the poster on display - sort of like a badge of courage.

The patches on my daughter's poster (shown below) are both Ortopad & Ortopad Elite and Krafty Eye Patches.

Visit to order

Offer expires 09/30/11.

Prices range from $18.85 - $22.00 per kit, depending on patch ordered.

Shipping via UPS Ground for $7.50 per shipment.

A new look - new glasses!

Since Belle's prescription had to be increased, she got 2 new pair of glasses. I like her choices, although they weren't my first choice out of all the frames (dozens...) that she tried on. But, they were her choice and since she is wearing them she has to be happy with them! I give her my input but largely leave the selection up to her.

From our local optical shop, she picked out a pair of sophisticated looking purple frames from Seventeen brand. Because a lot of people compliment my daughter on her glasses or contact me asking what her make/model of frames is, I'll list it here. They are Seventeen 5327 in Lavender.
This is a stylish metal frame that is feminine and not real chunky/heavy. The eye width is a 47 which is a step up from her old frames (they were 45s). The sizing is: 47/18/135

These are very stunning frames! She wears them well.

Her 2nd pair of new glasses we got with the Transition lenses which are very convenient because of not needing another pair of prescription sunglasses. Because of the cost of transitions, I prefer to order them online and then take them into our local shop for a fitting. I purchased these from Zenni Optical as I have used in the past. The key to ordering glasses online is to know your measurements and have both the prescription on hand as well as your pupil distance. These are Zenni style # 485117. The sizing is 46/18/132

This is a 'heavier' looking frame that is still quite lightweight (plastic). They have cute beachy designs on the sides and the all important spring hinges.

Very FUNky and trendy!

New Krafty Eye Patches in Fabric (for glasses)

Going through my emails this rainy Monday, and found that one of our favorite adhesive patches (Krafty Eye Patches) is now offering colorful cloth patches (for use with glasses) that can be decorated.

We've not tried them but from the photo they look to be similar to the patches from Patch Pals

Krafty Eye Patches fabric patches are $7.50/each of a discount is offered when purchasing 4 or more. They come in Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Bubble Gum Pink, and Purple Grape.

Visit for all kinds of great kits get 10% off now coupon code: Summer10

If you haven't tried Krafty Eye Patches - check out our review of these fun and non-toxic patches "craft kits".

Monday, August 1, 2011

August is Children's Vision & Learning Month

August is Children's Vision & Learning Month

Since 1995, August has been declared National Children's Vision and Learning Month. From the COVD (College of Optometrists in Vision Development): "The goal of this national observance is to help educate parents and educators about the critical link between vision and learning". This month coincides with Back to School as summer vacation draws to a close and children across the nation return to school or enter school for the first time. It is crucial that all children have vision screening prior to entering school and routine screening (annual) takes place.

Important Awareness Info for this month (and always):

-Vision problems can interfere with learning. It is reported that as many as 25% of children grades K-6 have vision issues that can impede learning.

-Seeing 20/20 is just one of 17 necessary vision skills that are crucial for learning. The skills are:

1. Eye Movement Control
2. Simultaneous Focus at Far
3. Sustaining Focus at Far
4. Simultaneous Focus at Near
5. Sustaining Focus at Near
6. Simultaneous Alignment at Far
7. Sustaining Alignment at Far
8. Simultaneous Alignment at Near
9. Sustaining Alignment at Near
10. Central Vision (Visual Acuity)
11. Peripheral Vision
12. Depth Awareness
13. Color Perception
14. Gross Visual-Motor
15. Fine Visual-Motor
16. Visual Perception
17. Visual Integration

-School vision screening is a start, but does not replace full vision testing completed by a vision professional (at an optometrist or ophthalmologist). Many learning difficulties can be attributed to vision problems that are not detected during typical school vision screenings.

-Many times vision issues are misdiagnosed as "laziness", ADHD, dyslexia or other learning disabilities. Watch a video on why 20/20 vision is not enough.

-Signs that your child may be struggling with vision include: frequent headaches, dizziness, tiredness, inability to complete homework in a timely fashion, or poor spelling. Visit the COVD website for a full checklist of vision issue symptoms.