Monday, March 26, 2012

Belle's Patching Journey Resumes

I have been remiss in updating the blog. Belle had been doing great.. So great.  We had gone a streak of 8 months with no patch!  This is the longest we've gone, but it seemed like we had climbed a mountain and hit the top. I had gotten too comfortable.

Unfortunately we got pushed back down again today. Darn it!

Belle had her re-check today at her eye doctors and was so excited to go back.  It is amazing how quick a child's excitement can do a 180!  Well, after the assistant did her screening, I knew where the appointment was headed .  I remained hopeful and figured, she just needed some new glasses.  It had been almost a  year since she got new glasses (8 months). 

When her doctor came in the room he engaged her and encouraged her to try again. In the past she sometimes performs a bit better for him than she does for the assistants. I remained hopeful.  No such luck.

Our patch-free(dom) streak has come to an end.

4 hours a day.

I think our course of action will be 2 hours at school (during morning academics) and then 2 hours after school. This way she can still be safe during recess, gym, etc and on the bus. This way she can still do some after school sports (ice hockey, roller hockey, dance, etc) and not be patching from the minute she gets home until the minute she goes to bed.

Belle cried on the drive home.

When she got home she pulled out  her bag of patches and started looking through them.  I already put a call into her teacher. 

Here we go again.

I remain hopeful.

Someday she will beat this!


  1. Sorry for the bad news. My daughter, age 6.5, has been patch free since October after patching for just over a year. We go back next month for a recheck, and I'm hoping she won't need the patch again. The assistants at our ophthalmologist's office aren't so great at getting my daughter to perform her best either. Nearly every time we go there the doctor complains that the assistant is new and treats the adults the same as kids. He says you need to do things differently with kids. I hope Belle gets adjusted to using patches again quickly.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that Belle will have to resume patching. You might let her put a patch on a dolly or stuffed animal to keep her spirits up. I stand by my belief that patching alone does not work and that patching along with vision therapy is the best way to achieve binocularity. I hope you know that I say that with the best intentions and wish the very best for you.

  2. She was so mature to go get her own patch. I guess that what happens when children have to go through these sort of things. They just accept it and go on. My 4 year old is getting use to it, she has to wear it 8hrs. Now she associates it with going somewhere, because if we are just staying home and I tell her she has to go pick one out she asks--"where are we going?" LOL they are very smart! Best wishes.