Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sharing the Patch Love

Since it had been a while since Belle patched, I decided it was long overdue for us to go through her "stash" or patches and see what could be given to a new home. There are some that she has long outgrown - they are either too "young" for a 7 year old (she says), she doesn't like them, or they are too small.  She also had some requests for new patches - including her now favorite things (skulls and her favorite NHL team - that's my girl!).

So, I posted these "up for grabs" on the Amblyopia Kids facebook page.

1. Assortment of cloth patches to be worn with glasses including Dora, Carebears, Hello Kitty, Animal Pawprint, Bees, Crayons, Daisy

2. Ortopad adhesive patches including Bears (yellow) and Ladybugs (Green)

3. Nexcare Adhesive patches 2 boxes of Size Regular and 1 Box of Junior

As of this time all have been claimed excepting the Jr. Nexcare - if you can use these let me know! They are for a very small child (under age 4). Please leave me a comment here  or on the FB page. Thanks!

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