Friday, April 6, 2012

Amblyopia is a Bully

Belle has been very upset about having to patch again. She has been very avoidant and hiding in her room..putting herself to bed, crawling into my lap and crying. This isn't the Belle that we know at all, and I know this is probably just her adjusting. It still really stinks to watch her like this.

Belle likes to write me little "love notes" on post-it's. Yesterday after a round of the no's she came out of her room and gave me this little gem.

It says:
I hate Amblyopia
Amblyopia is a bully.

And she crossed out the word love

Tell us how you really feel Belle! Yeah this pretty much sums it up.


  1. Hi, I totally feel your pain for Your wee girl. We had been patching since Sam was 1.5yrs old and he has just turned 8. His eye would ebb and flow with improvement and as soon as we stopped patching his eye would revert back. So about 4 months ago we made the decision to stop patching which was suggested by our specialist, I just burst into tears feeling like a total failure and really angry that we had been beaten! But....we now have a really happy child! He may not have his sight in one eye bit he is being a normal, happy 8yr old and we no longer have the daily fight about patching. I am not saying give up, not at all, but sometimes, even though it is so hard, we have to admit defeat. I have a lump in my throat writing this as I suppose I still feel as though I failed my child. Sending you support and love.

  2. It is a bully and the whole process stinks. I often wonder if I am doing the right thing for my child. I hope and pray that Belle will find some peace in this process or even a little acceptance and know that making her eye stronger is the goal. I would hate to think how Abby would react. Right now we are still patching for 4 hours a day. We will start vision therapy 2 times a week this summer and hit it hard in hopes of making her binoccular vision stick! Hang in there gals!

  3. Belle...rise to the challenge and be patient with your patching. My daughter, now 22, patched for 7 hours a day for 4 years when she was little. Her patch was pink with a little pig on the front. She is smart and is studying Atmospheric Science in college and learning to speak Russian. You will see that keeping vigilant with your patching now will produce many rewards in your later life. Your eye will become stronger and you will see how many things you can overcome. My best to you and your mom!
    From: Just a random mom with a great daughter who patched!

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