Monday, April 30, 2012

NJ Devils Patch from Framehuggers

As I've shared, Belle has been VERY upset about having to patch again.  So much that she went though her "patch stash" and cleaned out and decided that many of her old patches were too babyish for her now that she is a big 7 year old. 

I reached out to Camille Workman at Framehuggers who has been a lifesaver in the past with her cloth patches that are NO-PEEK aka Belle-Proof. 

She made 2 new patches for Belle, just what the big girl wanted.

Here's her first one that she has been rocking during the NHL Stanley Cup playoff games. Belle gets excited about wearing her Devils patch for her favorite team. 

Thanks to Camille and Framehuggers for helping add a little bit of excitement back into Belle's patching. 

To read more about Framehuggers patches see our review of them at  or visit the Framehuggers website:

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  1. I understand just how Belle feels. I have the same thing and had to patch and wear glasses when I was young! They took my glasses off at 17 and I was so happy! I am now in my 50's and have been wearing readers for a while. I know I gave my Mom a fit also, God Bless you!!! I will say a special prayer for Belle and Mom!!! Just do all you can do and then, it is what it is....I have lived a rather normal life! Played some sports, climbed trees, love to take pictures and I do some painting. I have 4 grands and am going to take all of them to the eye doctor.....not looking forward to this. I will feel terrible to know that I have may have passed this down to them. But, God will see us through it, just as he will you!!!