Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Second Opinion Dr. Visit

When they told us Belle needed patching again, I wanted to cover all my bases. Its the two words that pop up again and again when your child has a vision "problem" such as amblyopia or lazy eye.

I've read it, I've heard it.. Patching alone is not enough.. She needs:

Vision Therapy.

I've read Jillian's Story and Fixing my Gaze and I absolutely was not against trying Vision Therapy with Belle.

And so, to hear that we needed to patch again - I just wanted there to be "something else" that I could do to know that I've tried everything.  At the urging of Jillian's mom, Robin and others in the Vision profession who follow my blog - I sought out a doctor from the COVD list who provides vision therapy.  Even if insurance didn't cover it and we had to go out of pocket...  If it would help my daughter, I would do it.

And off we went with all her reports from her current doctor - who I do trust implicitly - to have testing and a "sit down" the Developmental Optometrist.

The visit was 'colorful' as my daughter wasn't on her best behavior or cooperating - ever since the last turn of events at the end of March she has acted out in all environments. And, a little girl who was always very cooperative at doctors well - she was challenging.  But, the doctor did all the testing and read all of her current reports and talked and listened to me.

And at the end of the day.. the findings...

1. We could do Vision Therapy but he didn't think it would give her any more than what we are already doing for her.  At this time, he didn't recommend vision therapy for her.

2.  Patching -  we could get the same results in 2 hours a day vs the 4 we are doing -- referencing the studies (that I'm already familiar with) that 2 hours is enough. He stressed the importance of doing valuable activities during patching  -- for example, school work and Video Games! 

3.  We talked about her 'toe walking' which the physical therapist attributes to her being slightly pigeon toed, which she is.. But, I've felt its perceptual and related to her eyes and depth perception issues. He concurred that absolutely it could be her eyes and said that when I go back in about 4 months we can talk about trying a prism in her glasses or for me to ask her primary ophthalmologist about it.

4.  Testing reveals she does have SOME stereo vision which is good and actually an improvement over where she was when we started this journey 3 years ago.

5.  We keep on doing what we are doing.  The most important thing is for her to wear her glasses  and try to get the 2 hours of patching in each day.

 I was really hoping we could do vision therapy or SOMETHING, anything to help her beyond what we are currently doing. However, the good news is that everything we are doing he was in agreement with and so we keep plugging (patching) away!

....Continued prayers for Belle.

....More Hair Dye for me!

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  1. My daughter age 7 was patching up to 6 hrs a day tho not in school (she just finished 1st grade) and after visiting a palmer method chiropractor we noticed a major difference in lowering her prescription and after 6 months of patching we stopped that too under the advice of her PO, now 4 months later he wants to use the drops but I have mixed feelings , would rather patch than drops for the summer 6 hrs a day...