Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinterest Photo Contest "My Dog Needs Glasses"

SHARE A PHOTO OF YOUR DOG IN GLASSES for a chance to win a signed copy of Arlo Needs Glasses by Barney Saltzberg. Whether or not your dog has fuzzy vision, we are positive he will look just as smart as Arlo in a pair of snazzy frames.
Share a Photo of Your Dog in Glasses!
To enter the “My Dog Needs Glasses!” Pinterest contest, follow these steps:
1)      Follow Workman Publishing on Pinterest (so you can vote and enter the contest).
2)      Pin a photo of your dog wearing glasses on your personal Pinterest with the hashtag #ArloNeedsGlasses (to help us track entries). You can pin to win between June 25 and July 31!
3)      Vote on your favorite photos with repins and likes.
We’ll pin photos to the official “My Dog Needs Glasses!” board. The five photos with the most likes and re-pins by July 31st will win an autographed copy of Arlo Needs Glasses. Entrants must be U.S. residents.
Contest opens Monday === TODAY===== so start scheming now (copious treats recommended.)

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My Son insisted I share "His" dogs wearing glasses, so I dug this old post up from one of my other blogs :)

Review of Arlo Needs Glasses

A Video review of Arlo Needs Glasses

Arlo Needs Glasses!
Belle LOVES books, so when I learned of this fun new kids book, Arlo Needs Glasses, by Barney Saltzberg, I was very excited to receive a preview copy to share with my Amblyopia Kids readers.

Belle was very excited to check out this book and play along with putting glasses (and a patch..) on some of her pet puppies.. Arlo couldn't be the only pup needing glasses!

The book Arlo Needs Glasses tells the tale of a playful pup Arlo, who is in need of glasses.  Seems he was having some struggles with his favorite past-time.. playing catch. So off to the eye doc they went... where Arlo tries on a few different glasses and then finds the perfect pair!  Once he his "arlo" glasses on he can happily play catch and he finds a new past-time he can do even better now with his glasses. Arlo LOVES to read.   My daughter, at age 7, is an emerging reader who has really blossomed in her reading skills this past year - with thanks to a fabulous eye doctor and her trusty glasses. She surely could relate to Arlo!

The book Arlo Needs Glasses is written and illustrated in an interactive format with adorable cutout cardboard glasses that you can pull out and try onto a pop-up Arlo pup, then tuck away into cardboard cases.  This style of book is great for story time or to engage young children who may or may not know how to read.  While below my daughter's reading level, she LOVED playing along with the book and after checking it out for the first time - she asked me.. "Mom, do I get to keep this book or is it yours?"  Of course, I'm letting her keep it. When she decides she is done with it we'll donate it to our local children's library or to our district's preschool program. This is a book that absolutely needs to be shared! 

Check out Belle's "video review" of Arlo Needs Glasses to hear what she thinks about that book and listen to her reading the book. Belle's cat Henry decided to listen to her telling it and got into the video but had no part of trying on glasses, so the stuffed animals needed to suffice!


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Get your own copy:

New Book for Kids getting Glasses - Arlo Needs Glasses

Arlo Needs Glasses (Workman Publishing, July 1, 2012, Hardback, $15.95, Ages 3+, ISBN 9780761168799) is an interactive children’s title by bestselling author Barney Saltzberg, chock full of pop-up features and try-on glasses. Arlo Needs Glasses introduces a shaggy, free-spirited dog who loves to play catch – until one day, he can’t see the ball anymore.

He needs glasses!  

Arlo Needs Glasses playfully demystifies the eye doctor experience, allaying anxiety in kids who are about to enter the world of glasses – which among other things, help them become better readers.

Barney is the author-illustrator of Beautiful Oops!, the successful Kisses series, Peekaboo, Crazy Hair Day, and Good Egg, as well as many other beloved children’s books. Also a singer-songwriter, he has written tunes for the PBS show “Arthur” and continues to perform music for children. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two dogs. You can follow him on Twitter @BSaltzberg.

Check out the book trailer


Monday, June 18, 2012

Ohio Amblyope Registry - Be Counted

The state of Ohio is the first and only state (so far) to have a registry for those with amblyopia (lazy eye). 
  • The program is FREE and VOLUNTARY.  
  • The registry provides FREE eye patches, educational literature and other important services to aid families for children affected by amblyopia.   
  • The program is only for residents of the state of Ohio.

To learn more about the Ohio Amblyope Registry visit their website  or find them on facebook.

Back in the chair again...

It was re-check time.  So back she went. After resuming patching of 4 hours a day (2 hours at school and 2 at home), I was anxious to see if we would see any changes yet - or if it would be too soon. 

It was a Good news and Bad news visit. 

Good news:  

Belle's vision is improving, patching is working and doing its job.  When she was reading the letters off the chart I had a feeling we would hear that her vision was back on the right track again.  So, that's the good news.  We have improvement and this is a beautiful thing!

Bad news:

Still more patching for Belle with no reduction in her hours.

I "get it".  And I know that if we stop her eyes will slip again.   But... Belle was less than thrilled to hear that.  I think the exact words were that "she wanted to 'hit me with that spoon' (referring to the eye cover they use during the test) - a little agression... frustration... yeah, just a touch.  She cried when we got to the car how "she would do anything to have 2 eyes back".   Ugh.


Friday, June 15, 2012

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