Monday, June 25, 2012

Review of Arlo Needs Glasses

A Video review of Arlo Needs Glasses

Arlo Needs Glasses!
Belle LOVES books, so when I learned of this fun new kids book, Arlo Needs Glasses, by Barney Saltzberg, I was very excited to receive a preview copy to share with my Amblyopia Kids readers.

Belle was very excited to check out this book and play along with putting glasses (and a patch..) on some of her pet puppies.. Arlo couldn't be the only pup needing glasses!

The book Arlo Needs Glasses tells the tale of a playful pup Arlo, who is in need of glasses.  Seems he was having some struggles with his favorite past-time.. playing catch. So off to the eye doc they went... where Arlo tries on a few different glasses and then finds the perfect pair!  Once he his "arlo" glasses on he can happily play catch and he finds a new past-time he can do even better now with his glasses. Arlo LOVES to read.   My daughter, at age 7, is an emerging reader who has really blossomed in her reading skills this past year - with thanks to a fabulous eye doctor and her trusty glasses. She surely could relate to Arlo!

The book Arlo Needs Glasses is written and illustrated in an interactive format with adorable cutout cardboard glasses that you can pull out and try onto a pop-up Arlo pup, then tuck away into cardboard cases.  This style of book is great for story time or to engage young children who may or may not know how to read.  While below my daughter's reading level, she LOVED playing along with the book and after checking it out for the first time - she asked me.. "Mom, do I get to keep this book or is it yours?"  Of course, I'm letting her keep it. When she decides she is done with it we'll donate it to our local children's library or to our district's preschool program. This is a book that absolutely needs to be shared! 

Check out Belle's "video review" of Arlo Needs Glasses to hear what she thinks about that book and listen to her reading the book. Belle's cat Henry decided to listen to her telling it and got into the video but had no part of trying on glasses, so the stuffed animals needed to suffice!


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