Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August is National Children’s Vision and Learning Month

August is National Children’s Vision and Learning Month

Here in my state, NJ - Governor Christie has proclaimed this month (August 2012) Children's Vision and Learning Month for the state of NJ.  (See proclamation Left).  August was first declared National Children’s Vision and Learning Month in 1995. The goal of  this national observance is to help educate parents and educators about the critical link between vision and learning.

This isn't Rocket Science!  Vision impact Learning. 

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From the COVD: (College of  Optometrists in Vision Development) 
Learning is all about Vision; 80% of what a child learns in school is presented visually. Unfortunately, studies show that only 31% of children ages 6 – 16 have an annual eye examination, and 70% of children under 6 have never had an eye exam. As a result 1 in 4 children will go back to school this year with an undiagnosed vision problem that could interfere with their ability to learn.

Saw this pic on FB -- it is very telling.
FACT:  One out of four children struggle with reading and learning unnecessarily because of undiagnosed vision problems. In addition, approximately 60% of problem learners have undiagnosed vision problems contributing to their difficulties. 

As we embark on this back to school season it is import to schedule vision screening with a certified eye doctor for your child.  School screenings are a start, but they are not enough! 

  • Not sure where to start  in finding and eye doctor? You can find many pediatric eye docs at COVD and OEPF.     Ask about a Functional Vision Test as well as Perceptual Testing assessment. Remember - Learning goes BEYOND 20/20 vision.
  • Learn how to detect possible visual problems in a child or adult with vision quizzes and checklists on this page.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Amblyopia: afraid of the dark?

This is nothing new. 

For as long as I can remember my daughter has been deathly afraid of the dark - since infancy even.  This is a child who would rather sleep with the lights on then be in a dark room.  We have tried every night light under the sun, literally. 

Our latest ditch effort - the Pillow Pets Dream Lites toy.  She got the unicorn one and it changes colors and projects stars and a unicorn on the walls and ceiling. The timer -on mode means it stays on for 20 minutes before auto shut off.  Normally that 20 minutes isn't long enough for her and she presses it a second time before falling asleep.  The novelty is still there so she is enjoying it  (in addition to her 2 other nightlites and the hall light still on) but its proven to be more fun during the daytime than as a nightlight. She made a tent in the living room and went in and ended up falling asleep in the tent - but can't do that at night?

Plain and Simple - Belle is afraid of the dark.

I don't think I have very good night vision and don't care for driving at night for that reason.  My daughter tells me all the time that "She Cannot See" in the dark and it makes her afraid.  Her fears escalate and turn into a big deal.   Most nights I just end up letting her go to bed with every light on and then turn them off after she is already asleep.

She just plain hates darkness.


How is your Amblyopia Kid in the dark?

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Monday, July 16, 2012

OrtopadUSA patch application video

Ortopad has shared a new video demonstrating proper application of the Ortopad eye patches.

Read our review of Ortopad patches here

For more info visit their website at: http://www.ortopadusa.com   or on Facebook

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Patch Kits for Amblyopia from the Children's Eye Foundation

I saw these come  up on my Facebook feed tonight and had to share them!   What a great idea... From the Children's Eye Foundation.   The kits are $15 and include patches, tips, and incentives.  

As listed on the Children's Eye Foundation information page about the kits -- Although these are included in the Patching Kit, you can also print them from your desktop printer:  Bonus!  

This kit is designed especially for children who are patching for amblyopia and contains: a tips and tricks guide for patching, a calendar with stickers to track patching, coloring pages and thirty eye patches (10 of three different patch types).

View what is included in each kit: 
 Click here to purchase a kit for $15 including shipping from Children's Eye Foundation

Monday, July 2, 2012

Very Vera.... Vera Bradley Kids Eyeglass Frames!

It was time to replace my daughter's glasses as we had landed ourselves at our local optical shop 3 times in a month getting adjustments and repairs, so off we went....  Belle needed a new pair of glasses that had a nosepiece - because a lot of her cloth patches use it.  And in this 100 degree weather she wants the option of using a cooler cloth patch than an adhesive that she claims makes her eye sweat (and then slides or rashes).

They know us pretty well at "the eyeglass place" and Belle knows exactly what to do. She enjoys picking out frames and posing in the mirror.  Usually by the end of the visit she has an entourage of orthoptists all running around picking out different styles for her to try out.  I have always let her take the upper hand  in picking out her glasses only giving her moderate advice on what I think looks best.  Thankfully she hasn't picked out anything to outrageous as I've not had to use a power of veto.  Ultimately its her choice since she has to be the one who wears them day in and day out! 

So... though I am far from being a fan of Vera Bradley - she ended up with these fabulously floral frames in shades of pink and purple with petals on the temples.  They are quite possibly the girliest frames I have seen!  Pink and Purple... The inside of the arms has a signature Vera Bradley floral print and of course... they come with a matchy matchy Vera Bradley case. At her request we got her lenses in dark grey transitions or "Magics" as she calls them.

Belle's new specs came in today so we dropped everything to go pick them up.

She is very happy with her choice!
It is great to be a girl!

Frame Style & Size Details:

Vera Bradley - Darla in "plum petals"  and the eye size is 47, bridge 16 and temple 125