Saturday, July 14, 2012

Patch Kits for Amblyopia from the Children's Eye Foundation

I saw these come  up on my Facebook feed tonight and had to share them!   What a great idea... From the Children's Eye Foundation.   The kits are $15 and include patches, tips, and incentives.  

As listed on the Children's Eye Foundation information page about the kits -- Although these are included in the Patching Kit, you can also print them from your desktop printer:  Bonus!  

This kit is designed especially for children who are patching for amblyopia and contains: a tips and tricks guide for patching, a calendar with stickers to track patching, coloring pages and thirty eye patches (10 of three different patch types).

View what is included in each kit: 
 Click here to purchase a kit for $15 including shipping from Children's Eye Foundation

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