Monday, July 2, 2012

Very Vera.... Vera Bradley Kids Eyeglass Frames!

It was time to replace my daughter's glasses as we had landed ourselves at our local optical shop 3 times in a month getting adjustments and repairs, so off we went....  Belle needed a new pair of glasses that had a nosepiece - because a lot of her cloth patches use it.  And in this 100 degree weather she wants the option of using a cooler cloth patch than an adhesive that she claims makes her eye sweat (and then slides or rashes).

They know us pretty well at "the eyeglass place" and Belle knows exactly what to do. She enjoys picking out frames and posing in the mirror.  Usually by the end of the visit she has an entourage of orthoptists all running around picking out different styles for her to try out.  I have always let her take the upper hand  in picking out her glasses only giving her moderate advice on what I think looks best.  Thankfully she hasn't picked out anything to outrageous as I've not had to use a power of veto.  Ultimately its her choice since she has to be the one who wears them day in and day out! 

So... though I am far from being a fan of Vera Bradley - she ended up with these fabulously floral frames in shades of pink and purple with petals on the temples.  They are quite possibly the girliest frames I have seen!  Pink and Purple... The inside of the arms has a signature Vera Bradley floral print and of course... they come with a matchy matchy Vera Bradley case. At her request we got her lenses in dark grey transitions or "Magics" as she calls them.

Belle's new specs came in today so we dropped everything to go pick them up.

She is very happy with her choice!
It is great to be a girl!

Frame Style & Size Details:

Vera Bradley - Darla in "plum petals"  and the eye size is 47, bridge 16 and temple 125

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