Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Pirate for a Day.

Over the years, you may recall that I've ranted and raved about Belle's ultimate detest for pirates.  When she first started patching, it seemed like her wearing a patch opened up the floodgates for the people to make inappropriate pirate comments.  She went from 'eh... not into pirates' to an absolute detest and loathe for anything and everything related to pirates.

Practically in our backyard here at the Jersey Shore, there is a pirate ship - the Jersey Shore Pirates. It is a popular excursion for families, tourists and birthday parties.  We've been invited to go on this ship a few times over the years but Belle has gotten very upset about it and requested we do not, no way or no how go on it.

Over time she has gotten to a point of acceptance with the whole 'pirate' and eyepatch thing.   She thankfully has a really good sense of humor and she is older now - a mature age of 7... We decided to go on the pirate boat.  And she decided  - on her own - she could patch on the boat.  I wasn't even daring to "go there" - she went there on her own.

She even decided to dig into her  patch stash and pull out some 'pirate style' patches she has that fasten around her head with an elastic strap.  In the picture you can see her wearing it - its a hot pink padded patch with thin pink elastic - the patch came from Designer eye patches a few years back. It actually had a foam princess castle on it at one point that she decided wasn't tough or pirate enough for her (Girl's got opinions..).   I did have to use a few bobby pins to hold the elastic strap in place and keep the patch from sliding down on her head because of all of her hair, but we made it work. Girl pirates rule!

And this little pirate girl had a blast on the ship and pretending to be a pirate for the hour or so the trip lasted.

For once, she blended in while wearing a patch and no one made any ridiculous comments!

Today, it was fun being a pirate.

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