Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Amblyopia at a 3D movie

So, I have ranted and raved over the years about how going to the movies causes great divide in our family. My son loves 3D movies but my daughter who has amblyopia has found them to be a huge frustration. On the few occasions we tried It seemed that most of the 3D effects were lost on her -- and we paid extra for that?  More often than not or family opts for the non 3D version of movies (besides they are way more affordable).

But then a movie that the kids really wanted to see came out and the theatre we frequent did not have it showing in non-3D..  We decided to give it  another shot.

During the previews she was grabbing out and responding during the trailer for Despicable Me 2 - it was very exciting to see this.  During the movie itself,  I didn't notice her responding very much to the 3D effects. She claimed she can see it "the same as everyone else". This is exciting news if it is true, and I look forward to our next eye appointment and seeing what our eye doctor confirms or denies.

Here's to 3D vision coming back!

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