Thursday, August 2, 2012


I stumbled across this image the other day and can't get it out of my mind.

It is called EYEpatches but I can't find out much more than that if it is even being produced.  Anyone know? Is this or was this actually a product? As far as I am aware  - it is NOT, the image can be found on  Less is Less posted as far back as 2 years ago. 

The concept is absolutely genius in many ways...  yet it is also somewhat unsettling at the same time.. I do find that it is a little 'creepy' for lack of a better word.

For what its worth...I showed it to my daughter (who is 7 and has patched for over 3 years now...)  Her take on it?  She gives the idea a thumbs up and says she would wear it. When asked Why... she says? "Because some days I would like to at least look like I have 2 eyes".   She went on to tell me that maybe people wouldn't notice it or stare as much. She also has been known to draw an eye on her adhesive patch, so I get it.  Where I found it creepy she found function and also some humor in it... Gotta love a 7 year old :)

The concept of the EYEpatch has caused some controversy over at the Amblyopia Kids facebook page .   Comments range from "Where can I buy this?"  to "Not Right!"   Some commenters suggested how cool it could be to have a picture of a cartoon eye or animal eye, or to digitize the wearers actual eye so that it looks realistic.    A trend in commenting suggests it could cut down on the idiotic comments from strangers, or possibly not.  Some say it goes against "accepting" amblyopia and it better to just explain why the child is wearing an eye patch to begin with.

Would your child wear  a patch like this?

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