Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Spy a Speccles Strap - Clear Eyeglass Retainer for Kids

When your young child wears glasses, keeping them on their heads is half the battle - keeping them unbroken and clean, is the rest. And, when you have a young child in glasses - one who likes to play on the playground, run around, and just plain be a kid a headstrap or retainer on their glasses is a quick,  easy, and cheap solution.  I've dished the dish on eyeglass retainers in the past. They are not created equal and some work better than others.  
One complaint that I hear time and again is that glasses straps are ugly.  While functional... some feel that they look bad, stand out, draw un-needed attention, or what have you. Some straps are too easily 'defeated' by young children and glasses end up getting lost or broken as a result.

The Speccles strap was invented in Australia by a mother - not surprising!  It is a made of clear and flexible plastic tubing and comes in an assortment of sizes. As well, it can be cut to fit your child's glasses for a custom fit. You can hop on over to their youtube channel to view a video on how to fit a speccles strap - it is very easy and all you need is a pair of scissors.

I recently tried out the Speccles strap on my two children as well as shared with a couple of my friends.   Though Speccles are marketed to kids ages 0 to8 years old, they did just perfectly fit (no trimming needed) on my 11 year old son's head.  I understand that larger sizes are in the works.

My daughter is 7 and the Speccles required a small amount of sizing (trimming) that was very easy for me to do.  Now, my daughter should wear a strap given her activity level but her fashion sense and sheer amount of long and curly hair makes wearing a strap tricky and uncomfortable for her unless her hair is worn up and off of her neck.  Because the Speccles strap is clear it is not real noticable unless closeup so this is a good option for an invisible strap. Speccles will be very useful for dance class and dance recitals for her as well as for days when she wants to play outside without having to use her Rec Specs sports goggles that she uses for her organized sports. 

My friend who tried out the Speccles strap with her almost 3 year old reported to me the following: "She can't easily pull off and throw her glasses at me wearing the Speccles strap.".  In the past her child has been known to remove and toss her glasses while they are driving or on a whim when they are outside of their home. "The Speccles is going to save us a lot of money on broken and lost glasses, thanks!"

Speccles can be purchased for just $12.95 for a pack of 5 assorted sizes made to fit a variety of frame sizes.  For more info visit Speccles  on the web.

Watch the Speccles Promo Video


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