Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Amblyopia Awareness Handout Card

Dealing with the Frustration of going out in public? 

Many times my daughter gets discouraged and upset when she is patching outside of the house. The reason - idiotic commens and stares from strangers.      Years ago, I used similar cards to pass out when people made comments about my Autistic son.  After commiserating with other Amblyopia parents over at the Amblyopia Kids facebook page, I decided to make up these cards to pass out that explain Amblyopia. They can be useful to avoid confrontation, or knowing what or how to say when someone makes a comment or stares at your child.    You can either save and print these cards out on business card stock or order them for just .20 cents per card at the Amblyopia Awareness Shop on cafepress.  More designs will be coming soon.

 The Amblyopia Awareness Handout Card

Amblyopia Awareness Handout Cards

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