Monday, August 13, 2012

The war on patching

Belle asked me the other day if she would ever be able to have 2 eyes again like the rest of the kids. She is now 7 1/2 and has been patching since shortly after her 4th birthday. This is 4 years now of patching!

In that time we have known several kids start and finish patching and manage to beat amblyopia. No more patching for them. The best news ever!

I shared with B today that a child we know has "graduated" and how exciting that is.

"They get to have their 2 eyes", she said. "I hope it is soon that I get my 2 eyes again".

Me too.

I worked the angle that good news may be right around the corner and praised her for all her hard work! I know it isn't easy and we are working hard to not let this impact her quality of life and active lifestyle. But to whine and put myself in her place it really stinks to have to do this every day for hours on end.

Yet she continues to battle on and patches away..hour by hour, day by day.

We will win this war. Yes we will!


  1. Your post caught my attention and thought you would appreciate an article I published on the VisionHelp Blog entitled:New Scientific Evidence for Amblyopia Treatment…Two Eyes are Better than One!

  2. Yes you will win!!! Abby is also 7 1/2 and has been patching since November for 4-6 hours a day religiously. We started back in vision therapy this May and she has been patching and doing in office VT twice a week and home therapy as well for 20 minutes a day. It is working. Her left eye is now 20/30 and her stereo is back! We just transitioned to patching 2 hrs a day this week and will still go to VT twice a week for another month and then back off to once a week for a little longer. I posted her story a while back. She did well the first time with patching and then all was well and she was told to stop, only to find out a year later that we lost alot of vision. Keep up the good work Belle!!! If you would like to be a pen pal with Abby, let me know and they can exchange a letter/picture about their journey. :)


  3. My son has been patching using FrameHuggers, best invention ever. he has been patching since first grade, he will start 5th grade soon. Huge improve due to patching 2-4 hours a day at home. Next month we will find out if he will see more improvement or will wear glasses for the rest of his life. His eye specialist said kids vision don't improve much after age 9. It in God's hands.