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Book Review: Princess Pretty Patch - This Princess Has a Style All Her Own

Book Review - Princess Pretty Patch by Kerri Green

I'm always on the lookout for quality children's books about vision issues - wearing glasses, patching etc for Belle to read and share.   Princess Pretty Patch by Kerri Green is a new book, available on Lulu for $11 (in paperback version). 

This book is about a princess who discovers that the person she was made to be is the best person of all. It is about loving and accepting who you are, no matter what others think about you.

Belle started 2nd grade recently and is patching a few hours a day at school.  In anticipation of the kids having questions, I asked the teacher if Belle could bring in a couple of books about Patching to keep on hand.  One of the books that Belle brought in to share was this book, Princess Pretty Patch.

When I asked Belle why she selected this particular book to share with her class - she gave two reasons.

1) She likes that it rhymes.   In a family that is a big on Seuss, the fact that it rhymes makes this book fun for her. She said it is best to read it out loud because it rhymes.  Out of the mouth of 7 year olds!  I have to say that the first time I read it aloud to her, I had a hard time with the rhyming and felt it somewhat forced but my daughter would disagree.

2) She said she feels like Princess Patch because she doesn't fit in. At her age, sadly the fitting in - cliques, and 'girl drama' are pretty intense. I know that it is not easy to be in her shoes and wear her patch among her unpatched peers.  

Unlike many of her other books about patching that are more about the "why's and the hows" behind wearing a patch - stories based on seeing blurry, going to a doctor, getting glasses, needing to wear a patch... Princess Pretty Patch is more of a 'fairytale' of sorts with a big message about acceptance, standing out from a crowd, being yourself.   In the story there are 2 kingdoms - a kingdom that Patches and a 'perfect' kingdom that Matches. Princess Pretty Patch of the Patching kingdom doesn't fit in amongst the perfect 'matchy matchy' world.  The story is one of her coming into her own and accepting things as they are, being proud of her patch and being OK with not blending in with the crowd.  What a great message! 

This Princess Has a Style All Her Own

Backcover of Princess Pretty Patch

Because the Best person you can be is Yourself

To see a preview of the book Princess Pretty Patch on lulu:

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