Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to school coupon codes Krafty Eye Patches

Back to school coupon codes Krafty Eye Patches

Are you ready to go back to school? 

Have you stocked up on eye-patches?   

Remember:  If your child is patching at school, you will want to send patches into the school nurse or their classroom teacher. Last year I underestimated the number of adhesive patches my daughter could go through during the school day - account for gym time, art class, recess, and just plain 'being a kid'.  

Krafty Eye Patches has 2 Great Back to School Coupon Codes for use on their website (
  • 15% Off All Deluxe, Super & Ultimate kits    Coupon Code: Deluxe15 
  • 10% Off all other products                       Coupon Code: School10  

Coupons can't be combined... However if you purchase 5 boxes of patches you will get the bulk discount and can apply School10 coupon

Krafty Eye Patches are now also available  in  Wal-Mart vision centers (TX & OH only)

Don't live in Tx or Ohio also available at boxes of 20 patches ship for .97 cents to your home from Wal-Mart or they will ship them to your local store for free pick-up

If you haven't tried Krafty Eye Patches - check out our review of these fun and non-toxic patches  and fun eye patch kits for kids! 

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