Saturday, September 22, 2012

Patching Time is Decreased!

Eye Dr. Visit for Belle 9/22/12

Belle has been at 4 hours of patching daily for the past 8 months.  Patching over the summer proved challenging, but we persevered.  I thought it was going to be an issue with patching at school (2 hrs a day at school, and 2 hours after) in the second grade... But, she has been a real trooper.  After being in her new class for a week we started in with patching and she has been extremely cooperative.  After school she battles me to get her hours in, but at school its patch on at 9:15 and then off at 11:15, like clockwork.   We keep her patching at school to in-class only time when they are doing seat-work.  She has a seat up close so she is near the board.

So, off we went to the eye dr this AM for a re-check.

I tend to have a lot of anxiety before these appointments but today both Belle and I were being optomistic. I told her in the car on the way to the dr, that whatever he said about her patching hours that I was so proud of her for how good she has been about wearing it - especially at school.   She, as like always, told me that she hoped today he would tell her that she was done patching.  I told her "we shall see".

I could tell when she was in the chair getting her pre-test that things were going well. She missed very few letters with her 'bad' eye and didn't make attempts to uncover it or scooch forward.  When the doctor came in and did his exam things continued to look good. 

At this time, we are backing off from patching.   We are going down to 2 hours a day. Yes!

In the past, when we have dropped patching we have done OK and then regressed again.  The doctor mentioned that after our next visit in 3 months (end of December) she may be in a place where we could stop patching again. 

In the meantime, we will take the 2 hours for a win! 

This is the first time in forever that we will be at the 'recommended' 2 hour patching time per day.   Belle has patched on and off for over 3 years now. 

I hope and pray someday she beats this!  Maybe the end is in sight... I hope!

Recommended reading: 
NEI  - amblyopia treatment study showing 2 hours of patching just as effective as 6 hours for moderate Amblyopia

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