Saturday, December 29, 2012

The gift of Vision

"I can pass this test with my eyes shut", said B, as she climbed up into the oversized exam chair.  

I watched my very confident little girl take to the chair like a pro and read off letters that were (mostly) correct.  This was going to be a good visit. I could feel it, I hoped it. I had every finger and toe crossed.

Despite getting a letter home the week before last from the school about a sub-par school vision screen, my daughter had been making steady progress at the eye doctor. We had been down to a minimal 2 hours worth of patching a day and at our last visit he had mentioned the possibility that she could be done patching very soon.  Like every visit, as we got in the car to head out she told me... "Maybe today I will be done patching".    Those words always put knots in my stomach because it has never been the case. At best, it has been a reduction in hours. But, more often that not - the drive home was long and abysmal with a sad little girl in tow.  As always, I hoped for her sake, and prayed that this visit would end of a high note.

And so there she was, sitting in the chair across from my daughter who had performed very well on all aspects of her vision exam. He said those words... those magic words..  The words my daughter has waited for for almost 4 years.

"How do you feel about stopping the eye patch?". 

Yes!  My daughter screamed and cheered.   She hopped out of the high exam chair and danced around the exam room.   It was the best news ever.

No patch for Belle!

She will go back for Re-check in 3 months.

Best belated Christmas gift ever, for my little girl!

We are so excited to be welcoming in 2013 without the eye patch. 


  1. So she has been patching for 4 years? That is encouraging because after only 3 months our doctor said that the general recommendation is to give up. We've been at it 15 months now, and we've seen progress, but it's slow and variable. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Congratulations to you both! Just found this while randomly searching amblyopia & enjoyed reading your success story. My 6 year old son patches also. He has many other eye conditions as well & really dislikes patching but hopefully he will be happy he did when he's older :). Hope all is still well!