Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sharing the Patch Love

Since it had been a while since Belle patched, I decided it was long overdue for us to go through her "stash" or patches and see what could be given to a new home. There are some that she has long outgrown - they are either too "young" for a 7 year old (she says), she doesn't like them, or they are too small.  She also had some requests for new patches - including her now favorite things (skulls and her favorite NHL team - that's my girl!).

So, I posted these "up for grabs" on the Amblyopia Kids facebook page.

1. Assortment of cloth patches to be worn with glasses including Dora, Carebears, Hello Kitty, Animal Pawprint, Bees, Crayons, Daisy

2. Ortopad adhesive patches including Bears (yellow) and Ladybugs (Green)

3. Nexcare Adhesive patches 2 boxes of Size Regular and 1 Box of Junior

As of this time all have been claimed excepting the Jr. Nexcare - if you can use these let me know! They are for a very small child (under age 4). Please leave me a comment here  or on the FB page. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 1 Back to Patching: Trials & Tribulations

So, Day 1 didn't go as exactly planned. We had planned on patching the 4 hours after school while I ironed out the details with my daughter's teacher and school nurse. I had to run back over to the doctor to get detailed instructions for the school and "permission to medicate" forms. So, after school it was. Except - after school she had CCD. Immediately my daughter started in on how she didn't want to patch at CCD. I explained that we could just do it after (and not get in the whole 4 hours).. after all, cutting her a bit of a break - its been a while. She ended up deciding to just patch at CCD and get it done with. After we got home from CCD she decided it was time to be finished. I told her, no she had only patched an hour. She went to her room and cryed and screamed. Ugh! Then it was silent. After half an hour she was passed out sound asleep. She slept through the night and woke up this morning at 6am. Understandably, it wore her out. She isn't used to it. It has been a while. It IS tiring and hard work.

Tomorrow is a new day!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Belle's Patching Journey Resumes

I have been remiss in updating the blog. Belle had been doing great.. So great.  We had gone a streak of 8 months with no patch!  This is the longest we've gone, but it seemed like we had climbed a mountain and hit the top. I had gotten too comfortable.

Unfortunately we got pushed back down again today. Darn it!

Belle had her re-check today at her eye doctors and was so excited to go back.  It is amazing how quick a child's excitement can do a 180!  Well, after the assistant did her screening, I knew where the appointment was headed .  I remained hopeful and figured, she just needed some new glasses.  It had been almost a  year since she got new glasses (8 months). 

When her doctor came in the room he engaged her and encouraged her to try again. In the past she sometimes performs a bit better for him than she does for the assistants. I remained hopeful.  No such luck.

Our patch-free(dom) streak has come to an end.

4 hours a day.

I think our course of action will be 2 hours at school (during morning academics) and then 2 hours after school. This way she can still be safe during recess, gym, etc and on the bus. This way she can still do some after school sports (ice hockey, roller hockey, dance, etc) and not be patching from the minute she gets home until the minute she goes to bed.

Belle cried on the drive home.

When she got home she pulled out  her bag of patches and started looking through them.  I already put a call into her teacher. 

Here we go again.

I remain hopeful.

Someday she will beat this!